Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Staging Training from BAHS

I get enquiries from people around the world asking how they can access my training in a number of different ways. I have spent a great deal of time over the last few months developing a training plan that covers the majority of the options asked for.

I can now reveal what training is available through The British Academy of Home Stagers

Please take a look at the options available
below and find the one that is right for you...

Fully Coached Training Programs

Fast Track Home Staging Starter Program
(completes in 8 weeks)
"Latest Professional Home Staging Tools & Techniques
which every serious business MUST know"

Includes Home Staging Professional certificate on successful completition
$699 for 8 private study lessons
receive 1 lesson
each week


Home Staging Starter Monthly Program
completes over 8 months:
"Latest Professional Home Staging Tools & Techniques
which every serious business MUST know"

Both learning options include
Home Staging Professional certificate on successful completition
Slower track ideal to do around your day job!
Sign up for one lesson per month @ $89 per month

"Latest Professional
Home Staging Tools & Techniques which every serious business MUST

Program content included for either study

Maximising Colour

Space planning and feng Shui

• Lighting

Space finding & Managing clutter

• Accessorizing


The Home Staging Challenge

Client Situations and how to deal with

Both study plans come with home based assignments which
are emailed back for review and feedback. Coaching is provided via email through
both programs.

Fast Track Business Starter Program
completes in 8 weeks
"How to Set-up and Run a Successful Home Staging Business"
$899 for Private Study and Coaching Program

Additional Training Items:
Please allow up 14 days for delivery. International shipping

"How to Increase Business through
Visibility &
Marketing Capability"
1Hr training DVD - $89

"Presenting Your House for Sale Made Easy"
1 Hr training DVD - $89

"What every home stager should ask before they start a business"
1Hr audio CD - $89

"Staging Success Strategies" - Tina Jesson interview in 2005
45 min audio CD - $59

ALL 4 Items Above Bundle - $197
for 2 DVD’s, 2 audio CD's and
work book so you can apply the principles to your business

Business GROWTH Training:

"How toSell in Services via Estate Agents and Realtors"

1 Hr audio CD; workbook; agreement letter template -$399

"How to Sell in Services via House Builders and Property Developers"
3 Hr audio CD; workbook; proposal documents - $997

"How to Set-up a Successful Furniture Rental Business"

5 Hr CD; workbook; business plan template,costing & pricing spreadsheet template - $2,997


As a signed up member of The British Academy of Home Stagers you automatically have access to the monthly newsletter covering tips you can use in your business

Coming Soon...

Programs & Workshops coming to the UK:

Dates & Venues will be released in the coming months

"How to Increase Business through Increasing YOUR Visibility & Marketing
1 day workshop
$335 Nov 2009

"Hands-on Staging Day" 1 day program
$899 Nov 2009 & Spring 2010

Home Staging Tools & Techniques & Hands on Staging Day 2 day program
$1,799 Spring 2010

Home Staging Business Builder 3 day program
$5,997 - Spring 2010

Please register your interest in UK based programs HERE.

If you would like to see a hands on class run in your country please contact

Friday, April 24, 2009

Email Training Program – Professional Home Staging

Hi there, I’m Tina Jesson and I just wanted to thank you for registering your interest in my latest professional home staging email training program.

I wanted to introduce myself and answer some of those questions you are likely to have like:
Why take this particular program and what’s included And what will your investment be
In this information pack/audio I plan to answer all that for you
Why take this particular program and is it right for me?

Well you may have already done some form of interior design course or staged a few properties already but have had no formal home staging training. Yes I do touch on some basic design ideas like colour, lighting and layout, but my focus is on the home staging skills you need to develop to run a successful home staging business. You’ll have access to a few of my unique home staging techniques which will save you time and make you more money and I’ll even teach you how to manage the client situation by giving you some of my own case studies and personal experiences to work with.

If you have had no experience at all, it will still work for you and if you have had some experience it will revisit some basic ideas and build on them. By the end of the program you will have a grasp of what professional home staging is and what is not, together with a portfolio and skills you can use to start building a stronger business. You’ll also have access to a brand new resource for home stagers to promote your work at the resource site at And don’t forget, you’ll also receive a certificate from The British Academy of Home Stagers once the program is completed to a satisfactory level, which you can then add to your profile and to your credibility.

Altogether, you get 8 lessons and 8 assignments over 8 weeks. The aim is that you complete the whole program within 2 months. If you want to take longer that’s fine.

The beauty of this program is that it is unlike any other program out there. Many potential professional home stagers haven’t been able to commit to the intensive on-site training that I have run previously in the UK. It gets expensive with travel and overnight arrangements. But what if I told you that you could do this program from the comfort of your own home AND still have access to someone who has delivered services to clients and been in the home staging business for longer than most, wouldn’t that make the program both effective and EASY?

Well this program has been completely re- developed specifically for people like you in mind. The materials have been re-written and updated so the program can be done via home study that makes it both affordable and flexible enough to fit in around your LIFE!
So, if you’d like to get more education about home staging, have access to the latest in tested approaches to staging, and incorporate ideas and promotional opportunities not found elsewhere, then this program is definitely for you. All you need is a PC, email, internet connection, a camera and a room to try out some of my staging exercises on (and yes it can be your own home) and about 3-5 hours per week over 8 weeks – How EASY is that!

You send in your assignments to me via email and I’ll give you feedback. You even get two monthly scheduled tele-coaching sessions with me. Then on successful competition you’ll receive your British Academy of Home Stagers Certificate in Professional Home Staging, which will be posted to your home.

So what is the investment?

The investment needed for this level education is $699

But wait, everyone who enrols for the program also gets the following:

1. Two monthly scheduled tele-coaching calls with me, Tina Jesson, founder of The British Academy of Home Stagers and
2. Email support for the program duration of the program
3. Assignment tasks and accountability points to help you complete the program
4. Access to promote your own home staging work and related articles on the homestagersTODAY information website to give you and your business more visibility
5. And finally, you will receive a $200 discount if you book before end May 2009

Please email me TODAY to enrol on the program

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Staging Training

The British Academy of Home Stagers offers training programmes in Professional Home Staging, which have been especially designed to help individuals get more quality training in home staging whether they are looking to establish their own property staging business, add home staging to an existing business or to help sell their own properties more quickly. The revised email training programmes on offer means that any one interested in home staging can get be trained anywhere in the world.

To register your interest just fill in this form at

With the professional home staging email programme not only do you learn about the "art of styling" and "science of staging" which means you know HOW to present a property for sale, but now, with our Professional Home Staging email training programme, you have access to learn from the comfort of your home.

To register your interest just fill in this form at

What is Professional Home Staging?
"Home staging" is the term now widely used to describe the action of getting your home ready for sale by ensuring the presentation is the best it can be.

But Professional Home Staging is much more than "painting it all white and clearing the clutter!"

For many homeowners and Estate Agents the concept of "professional home staging" is being increasingly recognised, and used to effectively promote and market a home in the international property marketplace.

While Real Estate agents are experts in the field of selling houses and closing the sale, many are not design savvy. Estate Agents usually know exactly what factors can help sell a home but it's not always that easy to get a home into selling condition in a timely manner without some sort of experienced assistance. That’s where professionally trained home stagers can really help.

Professionally trained home stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. They work with the "flow" of a home, eliminate clutter, edit out and re-arrange furniture, and even assist in enhancing “drive-by” appeal. With the aid of a professionally trained home staging consultants, any house can make a notable first impression on potential homebuyers and in doing so help it to sell more quickly.

By training with the British Academy of Home Stagers, you get the very best in experience, expertise and coaching.

I hope we'll work together soon

Email Tina at